Adventure Parks

At Guesthouse Runcini you will get great discounts for two great adventure parks: Activo Park and Nahar Adventure Park.

Spend a day emerged by old trees to life new experiences and to discover how special a forest really can be, especially the typical green forest of Umbria.

Nahar Adventure Park is situated in Rosciano near Arrone in the River Nera park, of whom it takes its ancient name (Nahar). Check you skills on the tracks, on the ancient trees formed by Tibetan bridges, footbridges from Tirol, wires. liana, cable-ways, logs and so on. You even can try to climb a wall of more than seven meters tall.

Nahar Adventure Park

Activo Park is located along the banks of the Nera River, in the charming medieval village of Scheggino, in a landscape of great beauty. A narrow wild valley called Valcasana stretches from the village to the mountain. Here stands Activo Park, which occupies about 25 hectares, of which 7 are fenced and equipped with games and acrobatic activities. The narrow and evocative valley that hosts the park rises from the Nera River to the 1700 m of Monte Coscerno.
Activo Park is an amusement park completely immersed in nature and without any environmental or acoustic impact.
It is the largest theme park in Italy and is contextualized in a geographical and morphological area of great attractiveness and interest for excursions, flora and fauna.

Activo Park