Rooms & Apartments

History, Style and comfort

Gabbio, an ancient medieval village, completely abandoned and uninhabited since the early 1900s.

The only inhabitants now, are just the members of the Runcini family:

Pier, Doda & the little Federica Aion.

The long and tiring restoration of Guesthouse Runcini was completed in 2011.

This restoration has taken about thirty years of dedication to work and love by Pier (Pierfederico Runcini), an architect, who has devoted part of his life to this majestic project.

The units are located in different buildings, which are located within the same ancient village, the Gabbio, as in a “diffused hotel”.

Guesthouse Runcini’s rooms are in stone houses completely restored and made anti-seismic with particular refurbishment techniques, while maintaining the warmth and historicity of the various elements that make them and have characterized them for hundreds of years.

Classified as Bed and Breakfasts and Affordable Inns, each room at Guesthouse Runcini has its own private bathroom.

The apartments have characteristic and charming kitchens with exposed beams and terracotta floors where you can prepare a meal or simply enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while sipping a good wine. Every environment is made to live by the sought-after objects that furnish them and make them complete; This gives the guest the chance to feel in a family environment, as at home ….

The lush gardens have terraced lawn and olive groves, where you can enjoy the immensity of the landscape while sitting comfortably immersing you totally in nature and in its silence.